The traditional tuscanian cook comes directly to your home, live a breathless culinary experience. 

Will be possible to choose between various traditional tuscaninan dishes cooked by one of our Chefs.  Each service include the presence of a Sommelier, wich will guide you through our amazing wine list that include some of the most wanted bottles from the oldest wine cellars existing. 


    Wine list


The Premium Chef | Stefano Micheloni

Stefano is an icon of the Lucca’s cooking culture. His family’s restaurant, Eno Ristorante Micheloni,  represent a pure landmark in the local catering tradition. His favourite dish is, obviously, the Tordelli Lucchesi , a plate that incarnates hundreds years of Tuscanian culinary culture. Stefano is also the President of the Associazione Cuochi Lucchesi, an association that includes the most renowned Chefs from Lucca



The Sommelier | David Micheloni

David will guide you through our wine list and will guarantee a unique beverage service