Crystalline waters, hidden depths and path immersed in uncontaminated nature over the centuries

The Apennines has always something to surprise the visitor, confirming that Tuscany has plenty of treasures. One of these hidden landscapes is the Orrido di Botri, a canyon carved out of the rock over thousands of years. The Orrido di Botri is a deep limestone gorgecarved by the Rio Pelago. The area is located in the municipality of Bagni di Lucca, in the Val Fegana, under the slopes of the Tre Potenze and Rondinaio mountains. The area of the biggest Tuscan canyon is accessible from Ponte a Gaio, where you can walk along the dried bed of the stream formed by the rivers Mariana and Ribellino. Access to the area is only allowed from mid-June to September, weather permitting, and when the water level is low. The Orrido di Botri forms a very narrow valley created by water erosion. The tectonic forces of the earth shaped a dramatic gorge and the land is formed by the flow of the water, creating fractures and crevasses

This water filled paradise is extremely narrow in places and is home to a wonderful range of rare animals. Bring your binoculars and camera and try to catch a glimpse of the royal eagle, wild wolves, porcupines, roe deer and many more. This has been a fiercely protected nature reserve since 1971 and is a pleasure to walk around and be awed by 

The lucky travelers will have the opportunity to observe specimens of Golden Eagle in endemic variant of this region!

The paths:

The paths along the river bed from Ponte a Gaio to Piscina are:

Stage 1. Guadina: 30 minutes from Ponte a Gaio First narrowing of the river bed for about 80 metres

Stage 2. Le Prigioni: 45 minutes from Ponte a Gaio About 500 metres to be covered in water. At the end of Le Prigioni the so-called Solco Grande begins

Stage 3. Salto dei Becchi: 80 minutes from Ponte a Gaio Limestone shelf with intense erosion. From this point the route becomes more challenging and is recommended for experienced walkers only

Stage 4. Piscina: 120 minutes from Ponte a Gaio, you can reach the end of the route by yourself. From here the path is alpine and a specific permission is required

This tour is open only between mid June and September as that’s when the water flow is low enough to be safe for trekkers and engaging in the sport of canyoning. It’s open every Saturday and Sunday from 9.45am during this period


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