Between 1943 and August of 1944 the commanding officers of the German Army decided to construct a formidable line of defence stretching from Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea,  (320 km Rimini – Viareggio),  as a last bulwark to safeguard Northen Italy from invasion

The work was carried out over a period of approximately one year by the Todt Organization,  which used thousand of labourers to build thousand of fortifications. In the Central Serchio Valley,  between the towns of Sesto and Borgo a Mozzano , there are bunkers , emplacements,  communication trenches,  anti-tank defence,  etc,  whinch are still visible today in a good condition

This is pratically the only intact site left along the whole line and therefore an extremely important piece of historical heritage

A committee has been established at Borgo a Mozzano to maximize appreciation of the Gothic Line. Its first objective has been to allow guided tours of the bunkers,  tunnels,  emplacements, communcation trenches and of course , the formidable ant-tank wall and the memorial museum


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